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Asha Co.

We help you access the China market


Asha Co. is an integrated business service provider that helps international brands and organizations enter the China market. Our experts at Asha Co. have more than ten years of experience in international trade, e-commerce, marketing, and intellectual property law. We are locally resourceful and internationally operated.  Our services cover all important business areas and free-trade zones in China, including Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, and Guangzhou.


Enter the China market

Setting up a business in China is potentially extremely rewarding. Accessing the China market requires an official corporate presence in China. The policies and regulations regarding Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprises and Foreign-Invested enterprises are complicated and vary between different cities and business areas. Our business experts at Asha Co have vast experience in setting up companies in China and can recommend the best entry strategy for your business and help simplify the incorporation process for you.

Market research and consultation

The sheer size of the China market presents an incredible opportunity for companies of every size and scale. However, it is also extremely competitive. Our experts at Asha Co. can help you identify the opportunities available to you, remove entry barriers, and develop localization strategies. We offer various market research packages. Contact us to get a free sample report.


For foreign companies, e-commerce is a relatively easy and less risky way to enter the China market. However, complex legal requirements and the learning curve required to understand the Chinese e-commerce market makes selling products online in China tough for foreign companies. At Asha Co., our e-commerce experts can help recommend and design a comprehensive market entry strategy to help ensure your business has the best chance of success in the Chinese market.

Website and tech support

A strong online presence is vital to the success of any company in China. However, setting up a website that can be accessed easily and quickly in China is more complicated than in most countries. Our experts at Asha Go have vast experience in helping international organizations and institutions set up and manage their online presence in China (for example, the United Nations in China). 

Language support

Our professional translators can provide live translations for meetings, conferences, and events. We can also provide document translation to/from Chinese in multiple languages. 

Asha Go: once you arrive in China

Asha Co. can help you establish your business in China and help you with all the procedures before you decide to actually go to China yourself. Once you arrive in China, the Asha Go platform can help you enjoy your business trips hassle-free. Asha Go is a platform for travel, transport, daily life, and entertainment-related service providers in China. Asha Co. is the corporate branch of Asha Go.    

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